Why I Love Hawkers House Clothing In Second Life

In a world called “Second Life,” one can find almost anything they desire. It is a 3D world of fashion, design, dancing; in fact, anything you can do in “real life” can be replicated in “Second Life.” But for me, the most exciting part is discovering the new talent in any form of design.

Kaid Hawker is one such talent.

A clothing designer for quite a while in Second Life, he brings his store to life with beautiful color, wonderful styling and always keeping in mind the budget we all have there.

Hawker House5

He is a very humorous fellow and it shows in his designs. A lot of fun to look at and wear!

Hawker House6

Each time I visit, I find new and fun things to wear that are easy to mix and match with other designers or just by themselves.

This is his Batwing top that I just fell in love with.


He has a great variety of “Boyfriend Shirts, Tees and Blazers” and seeing as this is my style, I bought every version of each one 🙂





But he also has beautiful outfits like his pencil skirt and blazer which I just fell in love with.

hawker house

hawker house2

I love to shop at designer’s that I know personally… support them… honor them. And especially designers that have a heart as big as Texas, the compassion of Gandhi, and the talent of, well… Kaid Hawker!